The Only Total Growth System For Successful Accounting Firm Owners

Topfirm™ combines proven tools and playbooks with world-class trainers, coaching and peer community, to help you take control of your growth journey and build a firm you’re proud to lead

Why Most Attempts To Grow Your Firm End In Disappointment

If you’re like a lot of accounting firm owners, you feel spread thin, with no time (or energy) for the strategic work you enjoy, are good at, and know will really help your clients.

Perhaps you’ve reached a growth plateau and realise you may not have the right clients, staff, or systems to take back control of your firm.

And like many accounting firm owners, maybe you’ve been wanting to reach the next level for some time, so you can finally reap the financial and lifestyle rewards you want, and build a firm you feel proud to lead.

A Predictable Approach To Building A Better Firm

What if you had a way to attract and convert only the best clients? People who want, listen to, and implement your advice. And will gladly pay a premium.

What if you had the team and systems to scale? So you can finally ‘get off the tools’ (even at tax time) and have more time to enjoy the ride.

What if you had access to industry experts and peers who have walked in your shoes to provide clarity, encouragement and accountability?

The Topfirm™
Total Growth System

Get a custom growth plan that gives you clarity and confidence about your future. Proven tools and playbooks for fast implementation. And access to trusted support to ensure your success. All backed by our no-risk guarantee of results.

Growth Plan

Work one-on-one with your coach to create a 12-Month Personalised Growth Plan that aligns with your firm’s goals and your broader aspirations for wealth, lifestyle, and influence. We’ll push you to challenge the status quo and set ambitious (but realistic) objectives. Then, each objective will be broken down into clear, step-by-step action items, so you never have to work things out from scratch.


Detailed execution manuals that make it almost impossible to fail. We’ve used these to scale countless high-performing firms just like yours. Get proven systems to attract ideal clients, build an effective team, and deliver work smoothly and efficiently, so you can free yourself from day-to-day operations and scale your business, profits, and lifestyle.

Coaching &

World-class training and your own dedicated Growth Coach to answer your questions, help you avoid costly delays and mistakes, and keep you accountable. You’ll never feel stuck, overwhelmed, or wondering what to do next.

Peer-Led Support &

Discover what’s working for leading firms like yours. And meet other leading accounting firm owners so you can support, challenge, and push each other to thrive.

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Our Programs


The only total growth system for accounting firm owners, that provides everything you need – a Personalized Growth Plan, Proven Playbooks, Coaching & Mentoring, and Peer Community – to scale your business, profits, and lifestyle.

Recommended for… Ambitious accounting firm owners who want to go beyond the $1 million mark and move from working in to working on your firm, so you can achieve the income and lifestyle you really want.

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Our most exclusive and intimate program for high-performers. Everything that Topfirm Academy offers, plus premium one-on-one coaching (with direct access to Topfirm’s founder), exclusive mastermind sessions with other Elite members, and the highest level of support to grow your firm to eight figures and beyond.

Recommended for… Experienced accounting firm owners and partners with the motivation, determination and resources to rapidly amplify the success of their 7-8-figure firm.

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Meet Our Founder,

Nick Sinclair

Nick transformed his expertise in accounting and financial planning into a global phenomenon. As the founder of TOA Global, he grew the company into a $100M enterprise, becoming the premier global talent solution for the accounting industry.

With over 3,700 employees and 1,000+ clients in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand, Nick has mastered strategic planning and process optimization. Now, through Topfirm, he leverages his experience, systems and insight to empower accounting firm owners to scale their businesses, streamline operations, and lead with confidence.

Imagine Yourself This Time Next Year …

  • Feeling clear, confident, and excited about the future of your firm (and your life). With profits up 20%, 50%, and even 100% you’re finally making measurable progress towards the income (and lifestyle) you’ve been planning and working for.
  • Energized by meaningful work for clients who value your experience and strategic advice. Customers who gladly pay, stay, and refer more. People you enjoy working (and even socializing) with.
  • Relieved to have a stable team of highly skilled professionals who free you to work on rather than in your business. A-players who are proud to go the extra mile for clients. People you know you can depend on even when you’re out of the office enjoying yourself for months at a time.
  • Reassured by the support of industry experts. Trainers who bring you and your team the latest best practices from around the world. Coaches who answer your questions, give valuable feedback on your plans, and save you from costly mistakes and missed opportunities.
  • Inspired by successful peers who urge you to reach even higher levels of success. Glad for the support, camaraderie, and the healthy competition that spurs you to be and achieve your best.
  • Proud of the firm you’ve built. And even more excited about what’s to come.

Our Promise To You …

Training, Tools, And Support That Gives You A

100% ROI IN YOUR FIRST 12-MONTHS or Your Money Back

Most coaching programs leave you to shoulder the risk, but we’re committed to a different standard. If you don’t make get at least 100% return on the cost of the program after 12 months, you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple. We promise substantial results fast, ensuring the program not only pays for itself but also enhances your firm’s profits quickly. Just follow our plan with genuine effort, and we’ll take care of the rest—no fine print, no surprises.

Our Clients Say...

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John Rocha
CEO · Resend

Frequently Asked Questions

Not another coaching program! How is this different?

No, thank goodness. Most coaching programs will help you plan. Or they will tell you what to do. Or perhaps they’ll act as a sounding board along the way. Only Topfirm provides a total growth system that combines everything you need to take control of your growth journey and build a firm you’re proud to lead including:

Planning: Your own personal growth plan for clarity and direction
Resources: Proven tools and practical playbooks for fast implementation
Support: World-class coaching and peer community for measurable results

Many programs are led by founders who have stepped away from their firms. That’s fine of course. Our advantage? A decade of intimate experience in guiding 1000+ firms to overcome their biggest talent, process and growth challenges. And during that time, we scaled our own business to $100M. So it’s fair to say we know a thing or two serious, real-world growth.

What’s the secret sauce that makes this program so effective?

The Topfirm philosophy is founded on 3 principles: Planning, Processes, and People.

Clients: Instead of generic growth plans, you’ll craft tailored strategies to attract and retain the right clientele — those who see the true value in your services and will happily pay a premium for your expertise.

Delivery: Discover secrets to ensure your firm’s operations are smooth, reliable, and consistently deliver value to your clients. This is all about using our library of proven playbooks to reduce costs, eliminate friction and ultimately build a better, more scalable firm.

Team: Learn how to build a team with the right composition of skills for each step of your growth journey. This involves attracting, developing, and retaining a group of talented A-players who are aligned with your firm’s vision and values. We’ll help you delegate complex processes and eliminate key-person dependencies so you have more personal freedom and flexibility.

What results can I expect?

Many firms experience double digit growth. Some do even better. Either way, your positive ROI is guaranteed. If you don’t make get at least 100% return on the cost of the program after 12 months, you’ll get a full refund.

How are these results achieved?

Topfirm programs provide the planning, resources, and support to help you:

  • Attract the right clients
  • Build an effective team
  • Implement proven systems…

… that empower your firm to grow smoothly and predictably.

How much time will I need to invest?

That is entirely up to you. This program provides the ultimate leverage. But it doesn’t do the work for you. The more you put in, the better your results will be.

Rest assured, dozens of firm owners just like you are comfortably working through the program. Our goal is to help you focus on the most important priorities – NOT snow you under in busy work.

That said, we love do-ers. We’re committed to helping firm owners achieve transformative results. And if you’re already worried about committing to doing the work, our programs might not be a good fit right now.

What’s the guarantee?

Your positive ROI is guaranteed. If you don’t make get at least 100% return on the cost of the program after 12 months, you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple. Because we are 100% committed to providing the proven plan, practical resources, and expert support so you get measurable results.

Who are the Coaches / Trainers?

Topfirm pairs you with a personal growth coach who is a proven leader in the accounting sector—someone with a track record of tangible growth achievements. Our coaches are selected for their firsthand experience and success in expanding accounting practices. To complement this, we periodically introduce nationally or globally recognized subject matter experts to provide specialized training in their areas of expertise. This ensures you benefit from both consistent, high-caliber coaching and targeted expert insights for well-rounded, strategic growth.

What peers can I expect to meet?

Joining Topfirm connects you with forward-thinking accounting firm owners who share your ambition to not just grow, but truly transform their practice and lifestyle. You’ll be part of a proactive community dedicated to delivering exceptional service to the clients they care about most. Our members are collaborative, openly exchanging strategies and insights that propel everyone forward. They’re the kind of peers who provide real support, knowing that when one succeeds, we all rise. Engage with these top-tier professionals at our interactive training events and through our dynamic online community. As our latest member, your contributions will help us all go further, together. Welcome aboard!

What kind of businesses do you work with?

At Topfirm, our coaching is tailored for accounting firm owners who have already paved the way to success and are ready to accelerate. We respect that you bring considerable knowledge to the table — our role is to add to your toolkit, not to start from scratch. We’re here to partner with savvy firms like yours, propelling you to new peaks of success and profitability. Membership grants you access to a complete growth system, including industry-tested tools, playbooks, and access to a network of world-class trainers and peers—all dedicated to helping you steer your growth and lead a firm that sets the standard.

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