Topfirm Academy™

Our flagship program, combining proven tools and playbooks with world-class trainers, coaching and peer community, to help you take control of your growth journey and build a firm you’re proud to lead

Who Is Topfirm Academy For?

Topfirm Academy is IDEAL
for Accounting Firm owners who:

  • Strive to stay at the forefront of growth, operations and people practices.
  • Aim to rise above daily operations to scale their firm, profits, and impact.
  • Seek to attract ideal clients, build a high-performing team, and ensure smooth operations – even while away.
  • Want to be pushed to new heights of success, are coachable, and are willing to put in the work.
  • Believe in the power of collaboration, openly share knowledge, and have an abundance mindset.
  • Desire to regain control of their firm’s growth trajectory.
  • Aspire to lead a firm that’s not just successful, but one they’re truly proud of.

Topfirm Academy is NOT a good fit for Accounting Firm owners who…

  • Prioritize personal income over client wellbeing (our mission is to be a positive force in the accounting industry and we seeking partners who align with this ethos).
  • Struggle to take feedback from other successful owners and experts
  • Expect results without effort. (We’ll help you focus on high impact initiatives, show you how to execute, and help you work smarter – but we can’t do the work for you.).
  • Are solo practitioners, novices, or currently facing financial challenges (our program is designed for successful firms looking to reach the next level of growth).

What You’ll Get…

Topfirm Academy gives you everything you need to leverage your time and talent, so you can take control of your growth journey and build a firm you’re proud to lead including:

  • Your own Personal Growth Plan
  • Proven Playbooks and Tools to implement the plan
  • Expert Training and Peer Support to ensure you get results

Here’s some of the world-class training and resources you’ll that will empower your growth.


90-Day Action Plan

Growth is a marathon, but you get better results treating it like a series of sequential sprints. From honest assessment to a clear vision, you’ll develop a one personalized plan that challenges you and sparks real excitement in the pursuit of seriously meaningful accomplishments. Your plan will be broken down into clear weekly actions accompanied by specific Playbooks that guide you step-by-step through execution. This process has already empowered hundreds of accountants to achieve remarkable 90-day transformations.


Weekly World-Class Training

Hone the skills, mindsets, and habits essential for extraordinary business and life success. Each week, learn directly from top-tier firm owners and acclaimed experts how to attract, convert, and keep ideal clients; optimize operations for smooth, world-class service delivery; and build an effective, loyal team that empowers your firm to scale. Our sessions are laser-focused, efficient, and practical, delivering what you need to elevate your vision and results.


Unlimited Access To Growth Playbooks, Tools & Templates

Skip the guesswork. Tap into our extensive library of growth playbooks, tools, and templates to grow and run your firm. Want more clients? Need to grow your team? Onboarding new staff? Documenting your standard operating procedures? Simply pick the relevant Playbook. It’s like watching over the shoulder of a top-performing firm owner while you follow along.


Small Group Accountability Sessions

Nobody reaches their full potential alone. The best of the best all have coaches to provide wisdom, inspiration, and accountability. That’s why we pair you with you’re a dedicated Accountability Coach as well as a small group of other ambitious Topfirm members. Every six weeks, you’ll connect to report on your progress, ask for advice, discuss sticking points, and benefit from the collective ideas and experience of other high-performing firm owners.


Weekly “Drop In” Clarity Calls

When you level up quickly, you’re bound to have questions along the way. That’s why we have a weekly Q&A session. This is your chance to get thoughtful answers from experts and peers. We’ll do our best to answer your question in real time. Otherwise, we’ll point you towards relevant Playbooks, resources or contacts. You’ll also benefit from the questions and answers that arise from other members of the community.


Peer-Led Support & Professional Community

Like you, other members of the Topfirm community are already successful and driven to excel further. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats and encourage an abundance mindset. Share in the collective knowledge of ambitious firm owners, each contributing ‘what’s working’ to help you ascend to your next big breakthrough.


Exclusive Events & Conferences

There’s no substitute for the energy, inspiration and excitement that live events bring to the Topfirm community. Included in your investment are two industry-leading conferences (one in-person and one virtual) with accounting experts, world-renowned speakers, and high-performing firm owners. They present a unique opportunity to step away from the daily grind, offering a platform to learn, grow, strategize, network, and truly recharge.


Annual Plan & Strategy Review

Prepare to roll up your sleeves and confront the realities of your firm’s performance. We’ll dissect the triumphs and tackle the setbacks, parsing through the complexities that have shaped your firm’s journey over the past 12 months. This rigorous review is a candid, deep-dive analysis that’s as tough as it is necessary, providing a rare chance to scrutinize every aspect of your business. Together, we’ll crystallize a vision for where you want your firm to be in the next year, setting a robust and actionable plan to get you there.

Plus Two Very Special Bonuses

Star Imagebonus # 1 : $2,500.00 Value

3-Year Strategy & Vision Planning Session

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Star Imagebonus # 2 : $7,500.00 value

Foundations Program

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You’ve landed on this website because you want to make a change in your, right? You’ve experienced significant success. Maybe hit a comfortable plateau and been coasting. Or perhaps been struggling to scale to the next level. But now it’s time to accelerate your growth. And you know you need to do something different.

  • If you want to break free from the day-to-day and scale your business, profits, and impact…
  • If you want to attract ideal clients, build an effective team, and deliver work smoothly and efficiently (even when you’re out of the office for weeks at a time)…
  • And if you want to keep up with the latest best practices so you can better serve your clients and lead a firm you truly feel proud about…

Then Topfirm may be the community you’ve been looking for.

Fair Warning: The Price Will Never Be This Low Again

Although Nick and his team have helped 1,000+ accounting firm owners at TOA Global since 2013, this is the first formal cohort of Topfirm Growth Academy. And the introductory price reflects this. As we add more Playbooks to our already comprehensive resource library, and document Case Studies of recent results, the investment to become a member will rise (quite significantly). We don’t apologize for this. And confidently believe the value you receive is worth many multiples to your firm.

So, if you’re ready to put in the work and accelerate your growth, we invite you to apply now.

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What TopFirm Members Say

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CEO · Resend

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John Rocha
CEO · Resend

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Playbooks are in the resource library?

There are hundreds. But that’s the wrong question. I mean, what do you want: Lots of resources that take hours to choose from OR the right resources (that are getting results for other members right now) that you can find and implement quickly and easily?

What if I’m already a member in another coaching group?

Great. Then you already know the value of coaching. But let me ask you: Are you getting the results you want? Does your current group give you the total system of proven tools and playbooks with world-class trainers, coaching and peer community, to help you take control of your growth journey and build a firm you’re proud to lead? And do they push you to get you the results you want? Come on now. You’re an accountant. You know numbers. If you’re not getting an exciting ROI, maybe it’s time to join a community that gives you everything you need and guarantees the results.

How often will I meet with my Personal Growth Coach?

Dedicated coaching sessions are held monthly. Why? Because coaching isn’t the objective – it’s the means to reach the objective (growth). What’s the use of coaching, coaching, coaching if you never have time to implement anything? Remember, you also have access to weekly training sessions with industry experts and high-performing owners. So when you have questions, you can get answers fast.

How do I know my Personal Growth Coach is giving me the right advice?

Our coaches have years of experience growing accounting firms of their own and helping other accountants accelerate their growth. Plus, they follow our own proven process (developed by the founder, Nick Sinclair, who took TOA Global from one employee to a $100M company). Collectively, we have the inside scoop on what’s working right now in high-performing accounting firms all over the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. Above all that, your results are guaranteed (i.e. if you don’t get a positive ROI in 90 days, you’ll get a full refund of your membership fees).

Can my team access the training and resource library?

Yes, of course. In fact, we recommend it. The only way for you to move from technician to operator, to owner is to leverage an effective team. You coach will show you the best ways to do this (both with your current team and through recruiting new onsite and outsourced team members).

What if I can’t attend training sessions live?

No problem. All sessions are recorded and available in our resource library for you and your team to watch when you’re ready (and as many times as you want).

Can’t you just do it for me?

Yes, but then it would be our business not yours. If you want the rewards, you have to do the work. But not by yourself. Your Personal Growth Coach will guide you (and your team) every step of the way. You’ll have unlimited access to all the proven Playbooks and Processes you need. And a community of ambitious peers will share “what’s working for them” so you can model their success. While you must take ownership of your growth, we’ll help you build an effective team to scale and supplement your skills, so you can finally move from technician, to operator, to the owner who reaps the financial and lifestyle rewards you’ve always wanted.

Not another coaching program! How is this different?

No, thank goodness. Most coaching programs will help you plan. Or they will tell you what to do. Or perhaps they’ll act as a sounding board along the way. Only Topfirm provides a total growth system that combines everything you need to take control of your growth journey and build a firm you’re proud to lead including:

Planning: Your own personal growth plan for clarity and direction
Resources: Proven tools and practical playbooks for fast implementation
Support: World-class coaching and peer community for measurable results

Many programs are led by founders who have stepped away from their firms. That’s fine of course. Our advantage? A decade of intimate experience in guiding 1000+ firms to overcome their biggest talent, process and growth challenges. And during that time, we scaled our own business to $100M. So it’s fair to say we know a thing or two serious, real-world growth.

What results can I expect?

Many firms experience double digit growth. Some do even better. Either way, your positive ROI is guaranteed. If you don’t make 5x more than the cost of the program in the first 90 days (provided you implement your Personal Growth Plan), you get a full refund.

How are these results achieved?

Topfirm programs provide the planning, resources, and support to help you:

  • Attract the right clients
  • Build an effective team
  • Implement proven systems…

…that empower your firm to grow smoothly and predictably.

How much time will I need to invest?

That is entirely up to you. This program provides the ultimate leverage. But it doesn’t do the work for you. The more you put in, the better your results will be.

Rest assured, dozens of firm owners just like you are comfortably working through the program. Our goal is to help you focus on the most important priorities – NOT snow you under in busy work.

That said, we love do-ers. We’re committed to helping firm owners achieve transformative results. And if you’re already worried committing to doing the work, our programs might not be a good fit right now.

What’s the guarantee?

Your positive ROI is guaranteed. If you don’t make get at least 100% return on the cost of the program after 12 months, you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple. Because we are 100% committed to providing the proven plan, practical resources, and expert support so you get measurable results.

Who are the Coaches / Trainers?

Topfirm pairs you with a personal growth coach who is a proven leader in the accounting sector—someone with a track record of tangible growth achievements. Our coaches are selected for their firsthand experience and success in expanding accounting practices. To complement this, we periodically introduce nationally or globally recognized subject matter experts to provide specialized training in their areas of expertise. This ensures you benefit from both consistent, high-caliber coaching and targeted expert insights for well-rounded, strategic growth.

What peers can I expect to meet?

Joining Topfirm connects you with forward-thinking accounting firm owners who share your ambition to not just grow, but truly transform their practice and lifestyle. You’ll be part of a proactive community dedicated to delivering exceptional service to the clients they care about most.

Our members are collaborative, openly exchanging strategies and insights that propel everyone forward. They’re the kind of peers who provide real support, knowing that when one succeeds, we all rise.

Engage with these top-tier professionals at our interactive training events and through our dynamic online community. As our latest member, your contributions will help us all go further, together. Welcome aboard!

What kind of businesses do you work with?

At Topfirm, our coaching is tailored for accounting firm owners who have already paved the way to success and are ready to accelerate. We respect that you bring considerable knowledge to the table — our role is to add to your toolkit, not to start from scratch. We’re here to partner with savvy firms like yours, propelling you to new peaks of success and profitability. Membership grants you access to a complete growth system, including industry-tested tools, playbooks, and access to a network of world-class trainers and peers—all dedicated to helping you steer your growth and lead a firm that sets the standard.

Want To Find Out More?

Finding out more is quick, easy, and obligation free with a Free Growth Session during which one of our coaches will help you…

  • Assess the current status of your firm (the good, bad, and the opportunities)
  • Gain clarity around what you’d like your firm to look like in 3, 6, 12 and 24 months
  • Identify obstacles that have prevented you from achieving this already
  • Get an overview of what’s working for other high performing firms
  • Explore how Topfirm Academy can help you take control of your growth journey and build a firm you’re proud to lead

This session is totally free and without obligation. You will walk away with a clearer picture of where you are, where you’d like to be, and the hurdles you may need to address to experience the results you’re looking for.

And if we think you’re a good fit for Topfirm Academy, we will invite you to join us.

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